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The rise and fall of brands: changes in the Brand Finance top 100

Brand Finance published their 2013 top 500 brands list last week.  Looking at the top 100, there were eleven new entrants:

Banco do Brasil

China Telecom

Credit Suisse

Ernst & Young








China Telecom, Credit Suisse, Kellogg’s, RBC, Sinopec and TD already appear in BRANDZ or Interbrand’s top 100, so the real newbies are Banco do Brasil, Ernst & Young, ING, MUFG, and Softbank (which, incidentally, is not a bank).

Brands that dropped out of the Brand Finance top 100:







Goldman Sachs



Time Warner Cable


Apple maintained top spot, as well as the accolade of America’s Most Admired Company in Fortune’s Top 50 (see my earlier post for an analysis of what Apple’s brand stands for).  Despite my earlier prediction, Facebook actually fell 95 places, from 102 to 197 on the list, and saw a dramatic 37% decline in value. On first glance, this sits uncomfortably against its 74% increase in value in BRANDZ and rise into 69th place in the Interbrand top 100.  But this is likely due to the different times of year that the studies are conducted (results are launched in May for BRANDZ, hence data collection was prior to the IPO, October for Interbrand, with data collection before that), coupled with the different valuation approaches.

It will be interesting to see how BRANDZ value Facebook in a couple of months time given that their approach, of the three, is based to the highest extent on consumer research.

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